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Industrial Automation

The technological edge that your business as well as process automation needs can be delivered by our customized automation and process improvement solutions.

It does not take a deep dive into anything except for the feel of the process. 

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Delta Electronics VFD PLC

We stand for what is unique and what is flexible. Delta Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. is now present in almost all industrial sections in India across all geographical locations.

What have we achieved? Rather say what not, we have been able to introduce processes with Variable Frequency Drives which work uptil 60 degree celsius and those which can handle overloads up to 180%.

Not only this, but the PLCs and SCADA systems we have installed across various industries are unmatchable in terms of speed and the insights of process delivered. With Delta we enable your process automation and improvement capability without limits!

Are you planning to go for equipment upgrade merely because your OEM has withdrawn support for the equipment on the pretext that the equipment has completed life cycle and is obsolete. If that is so please do drop us a mail and we shall provide life extension to your existing system with help of GTC Control Systems Spare remanufacturing program.

When the equipment is obsolete, let us provide you with guarantee on spares and service and accept the AMCs.

That means if you need a repair to VFD, Turbine Governors, Process monitoring systems, PLCs or software support we have all the answers.

GTC spares and softwares
Power factor harmonics

Industry like Paper, Sugar, Cement and Chemical manufacturing observe unknown trippings and swelled up energy bills. There is a simple reason explaining the issue and that is termed as "Harmonics".

With our expertise, we analyse your system and provide you insights on the harmonic levels present in your system. based on the a relevant power quality correction system and the savings thereof can be discussed.

No process is possible to be operated without using motion. India's leading motor manufacturing company Hindustan Electric Motors delivers complete range of LT industrial motors for your process.

A wide network of service centres across India makes it possible for us to deliver service which our competitors just envy off.


Industry Served

We deliver expertise in below mentioned sectors but with our team of experts is not limited to these only.

Paper Fold

We now operate several Paper Machines in india with Automations systems from Delta Electronics, Schnieder India and ABB India Ltd.

Our expertise in paper manufacturing process makes it possible for us to deliver customized systems.

Residential Buildings

Your building comes to life only after we touch it. Be it illumination, building automations systems, surveillance, parking management, room automations systems, and sewage treatment plants. We have a single point solution.


Sugar industry is known for its consumption of electrical and electronic products, but with overload capacity of 180% and IP65 panels we have made it possible to extend life cycle of equipments.

Chemical Plant

Chemical Plants

Reliability and repeatability are the two most common factors for chemical manufacturing, be it process monitoring system or DCS based SCADA controllers we are the answer to your problems.

Corrugation board

Corrugated box manufacturers have long been dependent on systems installed by Chinese and Italians, but not anymore. We have now completed installations with more than 15 corrugating machines in India and design and deliver fast moving, highly reliable corrugation machine automation systems.

Food industry

The sanctity of food is related to sustainability and in turn the best practices to reduce green house emissions while producing food. We at Vrinda take care for maximum food processing with minimal environmental impact. 

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