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Power Savings with Reactive Power Solutions: 2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Electrical Energy Savings: and inevitable exercise to be followed...

Motors, transformers and other high-energy consuming devices need reactive power for the extra energy demand they generate in order to operate. Without reactive power, this surge in this extra energy can overwhelm your electrical installation setup leading to negative effects to your circuits. These adverse effects include lower output in electrical devices that are connected, loss in the useful capacity in installations, disruptions in the electrical grid, and voltage losses.

The apparent power or total power of a transmission network consists of active and reactive power. The power consumers that are connected right into supply transform the active power into active energy but in case of active power, the reactive energy related to the reactive power is not consumed.

On the consumer side, the reactive power is merely used for creating a magnetic field that can operate an electric motor, transformer or a pump. The generation of reactive power takes place when the power is drawn from the supply network and then supplied back into the network after a delay of time.

In short, the oscillation takes place between consumer and the generation. In other words, reactive power is like a compliment of real power which means that it is positive when it is supplied and it becomes negative when it is consumed. Most of the industrial loads end up producing this kind of energy along with the active energy.

Reactive Power Solutions

Vrinda Automations Pvt. Ltd. offer a range of reactive power products that can provide a technical and economic advantage to industries. It can drastically improve the network voltage and reduce energy losses. It can increase the capacity of already existing transformers and lines. At the end, it can help you reduce overall energy costs.

The products under reactive power solutions offered by VAPL include LV PFC capacitors, agricultural load applications, PFC components, Automatic power factor correction system, AC film (MFD) capacitors.

LV PFC Capacitor

Energy consumption as well as cost of energy, are going up day by day. The need for energy saving is increasing with time and the awareness around it. The power factor correction (PFC) and harmonic filtering are much in demand. With VAPL's range of offerings, it’s a way of ensuring assured ROI.

Agricultural Load Application

Agri-Boost capacitors from Havells India are MPP (metalized polypropylene) capacitors that can be used for PFC applications for more than 7 years. The power range varies from 1.0 to 15.0 KVAr. The Agri-Boost capacitor can be installed for power factor correction. They also feature a compact design, reliable construction and long life.

PFC Components

VAPL offers PFC components such as anti-harmonic detached filters and intelligent power factor correction system. The anti-harmonic detached filters are a range of 6 filters with Aluminium or Copper winding material that ensures low loss and noise levels during operation.

The intelligent power factor correction system has a user-friendly power factor correction mechanism with 7 segment LCD display and keypad user interface.

Automatic Power Factor Correction System

The APFCs designed by VAPL help maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, and avoid low power factors, which can cause higher demand charges, leading to power factor penalties. Such loads are also detrimental to electrical equipment. The range includes 3 contactor switching panels with different capacitors that can be used for different needs.

AC Film (MFD) Capacitor

VAPL also offers metalized plastic compact capacitors with self-healing properties and a polypropylene dielectric. Film metallization with Zinc/Aluminium alloy results in high performance and a low film thickness allowing significantly more compact dimensions and lower weight.

This range consists of motor run capacitors, motor start capacitors, lighting capacitors, submersible pump capacitors etc.

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