Our Work

Have a glimpse of few tasks completed by us before you believe and take the plunge. 


Ved Cellulose Ltd., Hapur

We have replaced a significant number of various make VFD modules with DELTA C2000+ series Super heavy duty modules. The outcome observed is very low downtime now as compared to previous scenario, and a stable power quality.

Unit manufactures tissue, light weight kraft, wrapping paper and absorbent grade paper.


Hariom Industries Ltd.,  Kanpur

A renowned kraft making unit planned a new 200+ TPD machine. An installation completed in mid 2021 is utilized our supplies in form of HT System, Power quality management, Motors, VFD panels, MCC sections, and PLC controlled touch screen based pulp mill operation.

Hariom industries Power quality control panel
static VAR generator


KCL Ltd., Corrugating Board Manufacturing

A leading corrugated box manufacturer had to struggle to find spares of electronics present their and have faced operational issues due to softwares. Power quality had been a trouble. Now the system boasts of minimal downtimes, and no suspenseful trippings while the utility bill states a PF of 1.00.


MB Foods, Haridwar

Food is what everyone relishes but the dedication behind production is always the art.

Have a glimpse of the Solar Power Generation system apart from the power quality system, MCC panels, cabling etc. that we have deployed at the project.

Solar power generation