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Automation Excellence for Paper Machines!

Paper machine automation is the use of advanced control systems and technologies to optimize the performance and efficiency of paper machines. Paper machines are complex systems that require precise control of various processes, including stock preparation, web forming, pressing, drying, and finishing. Automation systems can help to improve the consistency and quality of the paper produced, while reducing energy consumption, waste, and downtime.

In a typical paper machine automation system, sensors and meters are used to collect data on key process variables, such as temperature, pressure, and moisture content. This data is then analyzed by advanced control algorithms, which can adjust process parameters in real-time to optimize the operation of the machine. For example, the system may adjust the speed of the machine, the flow rate of pulp, or the temperature of the drying cylinders to maintain a consistent paper quality and minimize energy consumption.


Paper machine automation can also include the use of advanced visualization and control interfaces, such as HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems. These interfaces allow operators to monitor and control the paper machine from a central location, and to receive alerts and notifications when abnormal conditions or faults occur.

PLC Controls

Paper machine PLC control is the use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to automate and optimize the operation of paper machines. PLCs are computer-based control systems that can be programmed to monitor and control various processes in the paper machine, such as the flow of pulp, the speed of the machine, and the temperature of the drying cylinders.

Paper machine PLC control allows for real-time monitoring of key process variables and can adjust process parameters in response to changes in operating conditions. This helps to maintain consistent paper quality and optimize energy consumption. Additionally, PLCs can detect and diagnose faults or abnormal conditions in the machine, enabling operators to take corrective actions and prevent damage or downtime.

DELTA's AH Series PLC are present on various paper machines in India covering production of grades like Kraft, Tissue, Poster, Absorbent, Duplex, Writing & printing etc.

The PLCs cover processes not only on machine but integrate solutions like Pulp Mill Automation, Size Kitchen Automation, Approach flow controls, Boiler and Power Plant and Effluent treatment plant.

Variable Frequency Drives

DELTA C2000+ is a high-performance Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that is commonly used in paper machine installations due to its advanced features and capabilities. The C2000+ VFD is specifically designed to control the speed and torque of electric motors, which is critical in paper manufacturing where precise control of motor speed is required to maintain consistent paper quality.

One of the key advantages of the DELTA C2000+ VFD is its high level of accuracy and control. The VFD provides precise control of motor speed and torque, which helps to improve the consistency and quality of the paper produced. Additionally, the C2000+ VFD is capable of delivering high levels of power and torque, which is important in paper machine installations where heavy loads are common.

Another advantage of the DELTA C2000+ VFD is its robust and durable design. The VFD is built to withstand the harsh environments and demanding operating conditions typically found in paper mills. It is resistant to dust, moisture, and other contaminants, and can operate in temperatures up to 50°C. This makes it ideal for paper machine installations where reliability and longevity are key considerations.


(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

DELTA DIAView is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software that is widely used in various industrial applications, including paper machine automation. The software is designed to provide a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling complex processes, making it well-suited for use in paper machine installations.

One of the key advantages of DELTA DIAView SCADA for paper machines is its ability to provide real-time monitoring and control of various process variables, such as temperature, pressure, and moisture content. The software can collect data from sensors and meters located throughout the paper machine, and present it in a clear and concise manner on the operator interface. This helps operators to quickly identify any abnormalities or inefficiencies in the process and take corrective action to maintain consistent paper quality.

Another advantage of DELTA DIAView SCADA for paper machines is its flexibility and scalability. The software can be easily customized and configured to meet the specific requirements of different paper machine installations, from small-scale pilot plants to large, fully automated production facilities. Additionally, the software can be integrated with other control systems, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), to provide a complete automation solution.

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