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What We Offer

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All manufacturing processes are different, despite them being from same industry or based on same technology. Differences crop up due to change in distances, change in earthing values, change in layouts from company to company and that where we customize the solution, with a well decorated team of experts.


Delta Electronics

The latest range of automation systems for all industrial segments and a well known principal component manufacturer for various other brands as well.

With DELTA the solutions are innumerable. Click here for range of products covering VFDs, PLCs, SCADA, Controllers, UPS Systems and much more.

Hindustan Electric Motors

Motion is the need of every industry; be it agitators, conveyors or more complex equipment. mechanical movement is delivered with motors and the entire gamut of LT motors are available which are absolutely Made in India for India.

GTC Controls

The most painful area for any process manager is the maintenance of obsolete equipment. With GTC controls we promise to bring down the costs as we re-manufacture all obsolete spares. Our test jibs help analyze your faulty spares and we undertake AMCs for all equipments irrespective of the make.

Instasine Power Technologies

Power quality is the biggest threat to industrial equipments. undefined fluctuations not only hamper the life of instruments and equipments but may lead to process variations. We provide you the most reliable solution to iron out these differences.

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