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InstaSine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Active harmonic filters and static VAR generators are two technologies that are commonly used to improve the power quality of electrical systems. Active harmonic filters are devices that are used to filter out unwanted harmonics from an electrical signal, typically in industrial or commercial settings where non-linear loads such as variable frequency drives or rectifiers are present. These filters are capable of detecting and mitigating harmonics in real-time, providing a clean electrical signal that can improve the reliability and efficiency of electrical equipment.

On the other hand, Static VAR Generators (SVGs) are devices that are used to regulate voltage levels in power systems. They are often used in settings where the load on the system changes rapidly, such as in industrial facilities or renewable energy applications. SVGs are capable of providing reactive power support to the system, which helps to stabilize voltage levels and maintain a stable grid frequency. This can help to prevent equipment damage and reduce downtime, leading to improved system reliability and efficiency.

Both active harmonic filters and static VAR generators are important technologies for improving power quality in electrical systems. They can help to reduce energy waste, improve system stability, and prolong the lifespan of electrical equipment.

Products at a glance!

Active Harmonic Filters

i-Sine  from InstaSine

i - Sine AHF Benefits
  • Close to pure sinusoidal plant current (enhanced power quality)

  • Compliance to power quality standards, such as, IEEE 519-1992 & IEEE 519-2014, and CEA harmonic limits.

  • Stay protected from upcoming harmonic penalties by electricity distribution companies.

  • Unity power factor operation (saving in electricity bill as per the state board tariff/schemes)

  • Reduced energy losses with improved plant efficiency 

  • Reduced plant down times from the nuisance tripping due to harmonics

  • Restored ability of existing electrical infrastructure to operate at full-load capacity

  • Improved plant equipment life with reduced maintenance cost.


The i - Sine AHFs are equipped with newest generation IGBTs that are intelligently controlled using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based architecture. Our AHF is most advanced and effective power quality improvement solution to mitigate harmonic, unbalance, and reactive currents.


Static VAR Generators

i-PFC   from InstaSine

Working Principle of InstaSine i-PFC SVG
  • Excitation control of synchronous machine had been the classical method for power factor control in low and medium voltage systems. In which, a grid connected synchronous machine, acting as a voltage source with series reactance, produces leading VAR (behaving as a capacitor) when over excited, and lagging VAR (behaves as an inductor) when under excited. By controlling its excitation voltage, reactive power output of the synchronous machine can be controlled in a step-less manner in either direction.

  • The i-PFC SVG also act as controlled voltage source with series reactance, principally similar to the grid-connected synchronous machine, however, without any rotating part(s). Internal architecture of i-PFC SVG can be seen in the schematic diagram. The reactive power output of the i-PFC SVG is precisely controlled to the reference value by adjusting waveshape, magnitude and phase angles of the internal AC voltage (with the use of appropriate Pulse Width Modulation technique). The real-time reference value of the reactive power output of the i-PFC SVG is precisely calculated in real-time as per the target power factor entered by the user, and voltage and current values.

  • The i-PFC SVGs are powered with a sophisticated Artificial Neural Network based control algorithm to achieve set power factor within 20 milli seconds, while always working in the background for real-time loss minimization, to achieve improved energy efficiency.


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